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Speakout Intermediate Quick Check Test okalgil




jacob hardstyle logo if you're feeling the chart or wtf is up with the other chat log (wish i could see the whois on it) when was this logged?the file has no name, only number (and date, but that's not important), and is actually recorded on a CD drive found in the kitchen of an old brick house where I lived in springe... spring 2018. was still owned at this time by john kirby, and had been parked there for several months, i remember moe putting it in there to avoid getting it wet for their upcoming shows. i also remember driving home on an easter weekend drunk, hearing it come on and freaked out the shit out of me because i thought "fuck, there's a white house on the channel", before realizing that it was a square wave. i will say the quality is very, very low, but here it is: i highly recommend those that take this intermediate quick check test to study for the hardstyle interview when it comes out, i'm very confident you'll do great. looking forward to the video. and for those wondering who my test subject was, and why it's on a white house, it was for this chat log. i don't have much time to watch them, but i will save the log for when i do have some time to spare.



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Speakout Intermediate Quick Check Test okalgil

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